Temporary Residence Registry/Permit in Chengdu

According to Chengdu Social Security Regulations,

Expatriates need to register in local police office within 24 hours after moving int new residence.


Documents and Certificates needed:

-Passport Original 护照原件

-Passport Copy include the page of individual basic information, visa and the page with Entry Stamp of customs PRC 护照复印件包括护照首页和中国签证页以及入境章页 

- Lease Contract and one copy 房屋租赁合同以及复印件

-The Property Certificate copy 房产证复印件

-Property owner’s ID/Passport Copy 业主身份证/护照复印件

-Residence Proof from Management Office of your community/compound 物业公司开具的入住证明

(Please note that Police Offices in several communities require  Letter of Employment or Security Guarantee Letter 个别派出所需要您公司出示工作雇佣证明或社会治安保证书


Note: Depends on different police office’s regulations, Some police office need to check the original lease contract but most only require copies.


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