How to Issue Rental Fapiao/Invoice in Chengdu Featured

Fapiao/Invoice is necessary when it comes to Company Finance Reimbursement Process.
Many owners will not pay the tax and provide Rental Fapiao/Invoice to you,as Chinse Government does not mandatorily require lessor to pay tax.

Documents needed:
1:Lease Agreement copy(租赁合同复印件);
2:Property Ownership  copy(房产证复印件);
3:Property Owners' ID/Passport copy(业主身份证/护照复印件);
4:Your Company Business License copy(公司营业执照复印件);
5:Your Company Tax Registration Certificate copy(公司税务登记证复印件);

6:Your Company Bank Account details.

What is the Standard Tax Rate of the Rental Fapiao/Invoice in Chengdu?


Monthly Rental〈 30000Rmb/Month                                 Tax rate is 11.68%
30000Rmb/Month≤Monthly Rental                                   Tax rate is 13.02%

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